Planning to Apply for Graduate
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Planning to Apply for Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Planning to Apply for Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Planning to Apply for Graduate

Planning to Apply for Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Are you a Ph.D. student who get interested in applying for GRF (Graduate Research Fellows) program? Then, your Ph.D. major must be in social sciences. Plus, you shall have a high interest in poverty research and willing to complete a dissertation. Also, you have to meet other requirements such as submitting the essay. Well, today, we are going to talk more about the GRF program for further information below!

Steps to Apply for GRF Program

  1. Read the GRF brochure

It might seem simple but you need to read the whole information in the brochure to know GRF goals as well as its eligibility and cycle. There are many other details mentioned so make sure you read the brochure until its last page.

  1. Choose your major or field of study

There are some majors offered in GRF including chemistry, engineering, materials research, life sciences, social sciences, mathematical sciences, etc. GRF does not include certain fields of study such as business administration or management, social work, education (research-focused STEM Education program is an exception though), etc.

  1. Preparing for essays and recommendation letters

It is a must for you to write two essays and three recommendation letters. The first essay must contain your introduction (personal and relevant background as well as future goal statements). Remember not to write more than three pages. Meanwhile, the second essay shall contain a graduate research plan) with 2 pages maximum. Those two essays must be concise, hokijoss, coherent, clear, and concrete. Finally, when it comes to the recommendation letters, please notice that the persons to whom you are asked to give recommendation letters must the ones who know you well.

  1. Timeline Detail

It is okay to apply for the GRF program due date but it would be better if you apply it earlier. That is because you will have plenty of time to have your essays and recommendation letters read by several people.

  1. Selecting a school you are most interested in

It is very necessary to pick up a school which takes your interest. Make sure to search for the info of all schools to know the field of study offered and the studying environment. If you have more questions about the school you can contact the school by e-mail or phone.

  1. Outlines

Draw outlines to make your proposal managed. Make a statement line before you create a paragraph. Remember to use the ABCE structure. Please keep your sentences simple, concrete, credible, and well-structured.

  1. Fill the online form

You need to open the GRF website and fill the applications online and upload your document.

Tips and Suggestions

  1. Original research. Do not do plagiarism.
  2. Work cooperatively with your supervisors
  3. Add scholarships, fellowships, teaching, and work experiences that are related and relevant to your field. This must become plus point for you.
  4. Goals. Write an interesting goal that makes the reader curious. Let you not only focus on objection but also science questions.

Finally, if you wish to apply for the GRF program, you need to prepare all things in advance. You might also ask for someone’s guide (those who are already being accepted in applying for the GRF program)

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