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Information of Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Graduate Research Fellowship Program or GRFP is offered by National Science Foundation (NSF) to provide support for individuals in their early graduate with demonstrative potential and significant achievement in science and engineering to pursue research-based master and doctoral degrees in the field within NSF’s mission.

The GRFP is a three years support given by NSF for graduate education for individuals with high interest and relevancy to science and engineering. The GRFP provides support for individuals who propose a comprehensive holistic plan for graduate education that takes into account individual competencies and interest. Therefore, every applicant should provide profile of their relevant educational and research experiences in detailed. They must provide plans for graduate education in promising way to demonstrative potential for significant achievements specified in science and engineering.


More information about GRFP

The NSF has been awarding the GRFP to competent individuals with potential in science and engineering. Thousands of skilled individuals have been awarded with this promising fellowship. There were 2,700 GRFPs awarded in 2014. Receiving this fellowship means you will get full support to cover all the costs during tenure. Every awardee is received the same amount of money, up to $44,000 per fellow tenure year counted to 12-month increments. During awardee’s tenure year, GRF will cover various costs include allowance, tuition, required fees, etc.

For those who have been awarded with the GRFP over the course of the five years award term, every fellow is encouraged to take advantage of additional opportunities offered through the GRF, which there are many of them, they include GROW or the Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide that offers every fellow opportunities to enhance their professional developments through collaborative international research for 3-12 month.


Every fellow is also provided with enhanced access to cyber infra structure resources. They include the XSEDE or the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment’s supercomputing time. Through these super advanced resources, fellow is expected to sharpen their skill and potential to perform valuable research properly.

All fellowship in the GRFP will be for a maximum of three years of financial support with 12-month allocation which usually starting in summer or fall. The fellowship is usable over a five-year period. Every applicant should anticipate announcement date as scheduled by the NSF.

Pursuing further education in science and engineering major is expected to develop a workforce that is globally engaged as to ensure the Nation’s leadership in advancing science as well as improvements in engineering research and innovation. Science and engineering plays important role in our life to create transformative breakthrough.

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