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4 Tips to Get the Graduate Research Fellowship Program

What is the graduate research fellowship program? The fellowship is a term that is very similar to the scholarship. Both refer to funds for academic purposes. But specifically, fellowship is a part of a scholarship that is more focused on the development of professional skills in a certain field. Fellowship is used to support academic activities like research in particular issues so that the result can help people more widely. So, it is reasonable if the fellowship is mostly given for higher levels like in post-graduate programs.

If you are in your post-graduate study program, the research fellowship is a good thing to pursue. Indeed, not all schools or departments may require you to do it. But in case you can get the fellowship, it simply smooths your steps for being graduated and get a better career in the future. Below, there are some tips to get a research fellowship program for graduates.

Make an Independent Survey or Research

After you get the fellowship, it is the time to conduct research for real indeed. However, far before that, in order to get the fellowship, you can make an independent survey or research whether individually or with your team. The main purpose of the research is to know the current issue that needs to be overcome with your knowledge as soon as possible.

Independent Survey or Research
Independent Survey or Research

The issue must be valid and you must also know how to give a solution for this. Although you are a post-graduate student, it doesn’t mean you must take a very complex issue or something. It is much better if the issue is quite simple but you can give the best solution and make it clear in a proper way.

Make a Right Proposal

Fellowships are conducted by certain organizations or departments. Even governments also issue programs for that. So, make sure to make a right and believable proposal to make it accepted. As information, every department that conducts a fellowship program has its own outline of the proposal. Sure, you need to follow it well and be careful to avoid things like a typo or explaining your research wrongly.

Make a Right Proposal
Make a Right Proposal

Show Your Skills

Departments or organizations that issue fellowship programs generally focus on particular things to accept the applicants. They are skills, achievements, and GPA. From those 3, skills are the main requirements anyway. So, despite having a good GPA whether in current and previous studies, you need to show your skills well. Those skills are shown and explained both explicitly and implicitly on your proposal. It is the way to make the fellowship holder really capable that you have a right to accept it.

How is if your previous GPA not that good?

In your previous study, you may not achieve a good GPA score. Often, it becomes a big deal if you want to apply for a fellowship. That’s okay. Although that matter is a criterion to consider, there are still many other things you must prepare. So, you must work hard for your current GPA score. Besides, other things like improving your skills are also important for accepting the graduate research fellowship program.

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