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Graduate Research Fellowship Program for Potential Scientists and Engineers

Science plays important role in real world because it can solve problem efficiently. That’s why lots of people are interested to study science. Aside from science, people are also interested to study engineering and technology. The three of them are connected somehow because engineers use science and technology to solve real problems. Scientists also use technology and powerful tools created by engineers to discover more information and knowledge that can be used to create further innovation.

For science and engineering students, performing proper research is necessary. Not only does it help with their education but it also what can help them becoming a high achieving graduate who contribute to make a better world.


However, research is not something simple. You need to use resources from carefully and analyze everything into detail. More importantly, research needs proper funding so that it can be conducted properly. One of the best ways to get fund for science and engineering related research is to receive Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

It is a fellowship program offered by National Science Foundation (NSF) for graduate students who are pursuing research-based Master’s and doctoral degrees. However, it should be in the fields within the mission of NSF. The GRFP has been going for so long and lots of people wanting it because it is very beneficial fellowship.

GRF Support

The GRF itself provide three-years of financial support for graduate education. However, this fellowship is not for random people. This is offered to individuals who have significant achievements specifically in science and engineering research. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that this fellowship is not for undergraduate students. This is for graduate students major in science and engineering and are pursuing research-based Master’ or doctoral degrees.


The purpose of why NSF offers this kind of fellowship is to ensure the diversity and vitality of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States. This fellowship is not the only program provided by NSF. There are other programs made to encourage potential individuals to help them achieving their goals of research related to science, engineering and technology. However, this one particular fellowship program has gained attention for years. The competition is high because every applicant must meet designated requirements properly to be eligible recipient.

If graduate students of science and engineering receive the GRFP, the research will be going smoothly because everything will be covered. Besides, there are also chances to make international collaboration through another program that NSF has.

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