Graduate Research Fellowship Program
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Eligible Applicants for Graduate Research Fellowship Program

It can’t be denied that science gives great contribution to our life. Science alongside with engineering play important role to make our life easier. Scientists and engineers solve real-world problems by using science and math to turn scientific discovery into commercial application. Study engineering means a lot for those who are passionate of it because innovation can lead to a better life. Maybe that’s why GRFP or Graduate Research Fellowship Program is always awaited by graduate students who want to pursue research-based Master’s and doctoral degrees. However, it should be the one that is at accredited United States institutions.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is offered by National Science Foundation (NSF) to financially support graduate students in a fields relevant to NSF such as science, technology, engineering,, as well as mathematics. Through this fellowship, NSF expect for more potential of graduate students to be able to perform valuable research which can lead those individuals to become high achieving scientists and engineers.

Fellowship application

Prospective fellows must submit applications properly following the requirements from the NSF. Every applicant must also register with Fastlane in order to be able to submit an application. Once the application is submitted, applicants should wait for the announcement to be made by NSF team. It is also important to remember that to be eligible to receive this fellowship, prospective fellows must enroll in a college, university, non-profit academic institution of higher education accredited which located in United State. Those institutions should offer advanced degrees in science and engineering in order for applicant’s application to be eligible to be selected.

There are also other eligibility requirements that applicants should fulfill in order to apply for the GRFP, such as:

  • Citizenship
  • Graduate plan of study degree requirements
  • Field of study

It is highly advised for applicants to read the entire program solicitation thoroughly and carefully to have comprehensive understanding of every requirement. Applicants should be able to interpret requirements properly. It is also important for applicants to self-certify that they are eligible to receive the fellowship.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Those who are considered ineligible to receive the fellowship are those who don’t hold US citizenship. Those who were awarded a fellowship from the NSF GRFP and accepted it are also considered as ineligible. If applicants have decline the offer of GRFP and dint notify NSF are also considered ineligible. Therefore, it is important to meet every requirements for applicants to be eligible to receive the GRFP especially when the competition is already hard enough.

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